July 1, 2021

THE set.

About Us

Our Mission

Providing life conscious quality apparel to those who live an impAvid life.

What does impAvid mean?


Fearless in Archaic English

Why support? Why Buy? Why join the movement?


impAvid is a Bay Area brand starting from the ground up that aspires to become a household brand that will be easily recognizable to the public eye. While promising quality we aspire for all of our drops to come with a story and a meaning. We want to be the brand that young skaters, artists, dancers, and others can turn to live an ‘impAvid life’. With that being said we aspire to not only perpetuate their ‘impavid lifestyle’ but to support them in following and chasing their dreams. As our owner is a young entrepreneur herself in the act of following her passion she hopes to support and encourage others to do the same. 

Our first hoodie has our brand name with our base logo A on the back with the date that impAvid officially launched to the public. This date is extremely significant because the date not only represents our founding day but the day our owner entered adulthood and was finally able to put all her dreams and aspirations into effect.